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Grand Opening

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Great Ambitions School of Cosmetology

Salon Floor

Our professional salon floor is where all of our students work after completing their first 300 hours.

Shampoo Area

We use only Professional CHI products on all of our clients.

Makeup Bar

Whether you have a formal event or have just received a Deluxe Spa Facial, our students are ready to help.

Mannequin Area

All students practice on mannequins when not working on clients. This space is set aside for students to work.

What's Going On

Spring Classes

We still have openings for the spring class! Call today for your appointment! 270-247-1530

Valentines Day Special

Specials For February 10th – February 14th
Hot Stone Facial with make up, Hot Stone manicure and Hot stone Pedicure $45
Manicure and Pedicure  $20
Royal Treatment Deep Conditioning Treatment with Shampoo and […]

Our Graduates

2012 Graduates Laura Kelley,Deb Clark, Deb Walker, Jennifer Futrell, Korey Mathis, Jill Faughn ,Megan Peppers,Meagan Hackney ,Brice Jones,Ashley Russell, Christy Kimbell ,Brandon Whitherspoon 2013 GraduatesKelia Tubbs Reed,Jamie Readnour ,Ewelina Johnson,Joni Akins,Sarah Short,Faith Cooper,Lauren Kelley , Duy Quan Phan,Shell Jaco,Angie Blount,Shelby Canter,Carle Todd ,Kristen Cooper,Angie Norwood,Hailey OsborneMcCall Buckingham,Morgan Paitsel,Blaine Elder
Salon Hours: Mon through Fri, 9:30am to 3:30pm, walk-ins welcome